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The Martha Hawkins Curran Public Service Award

The family of Martha Curran will provide $1,000 annually to fund an award to an employee working in the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Superior Court’s office. Martha was dedicated to the NC Court system and in particular the functions and responsibilities of the Clerk's office and respected the hard working individuals in her office who were likewise dedicated to a fair and just court system.


Candidates eligible to receive the Martha H. Curran Outstanding Public Service Award must be nominated by a member in good standing of the Bar (North or South Carolina State Bar or the Mecklenburg County Bar Association), or an employee or contractor in good standing working for the Administrative Office of the Courts that physically works within the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. 


Key considerations in evaluating nominations will include whether nominees:

Have an outstanding work ethic,
Work hard with a commitment to help the public,
Demonstrate teamwork in working with others in the administration of the Clerk’s office,
Have a desire to grow their professional skills,
Are of great character and integrity 

Minimum information requirements associated with nominations should include:

The nominees name,
Job title or department/division of the Clerk’s office the nominee works in,
A description of why you think the individual is worthy of receiving the award taking into account the key considerations identified above,
The nominator’s name and contact information

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