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How do I nominate someone?

Please select the Nominations tab and complete your nomination.  It will be received, reviewed and considered by individuals including the current Clerk of Superior Court, the Honorable Elisa Chinn-Gary, as well as members of the Curran family.

When will an individual be selected as an award recipient?

The Curran family will coordinate with the Clerk of Court to establish a time and place for the announcement of the annual award.

Why was this award established?

Martha Curran served as Clerk of Superior Court for Mecklenburg County for 24 years and in that time appreciated the many employees who worked hard and served as an inspiration to their fellow associates and truly dedicated themselves to serving the public.  The responsibilities of the Clerk's office are vitally important to the citizens of Mecklenburg County and this award is intended to showcase outstanding employees in the Clerk's office.

Can a past winner be nominated again?

Yes.  Past recipients can be nominated and selected again based on their contributions within the past year.

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