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Grant Harris 2021 Cropped.jpg

Grant Harris - 2021 Award Recipient


In the endorsements for Grant we heard the following​

He has been a steadfast mainstay in the Estates Division for many years.


Attorneys respect his knowledge, responsiveness and good humor.


The public is the beneficiary of the patience and kindness he demonstrates and instills in the employees working with him.


He is an invaluable resource in the Clerk’s office who works tirelessly without seeking recognition of the consistent effort he brings to the workplace.


He has a careful understanding of the statutes and the law, but he also exercises uncommon judgment and humanity when families are in difficult situations after losing loved ones.


Anderson Barron 2022 Cropped.jpg

Anderson Barron - 2022 Award Recipient


In the endorsements for Anderson we heard the following


  • He is driven by service -not just to judges, or lawyers, but to serve all in Mecklenburg County.


  • He has a keen ability to quickly & accurately research & resolve some of the most baffling challenges in our court system.


  • His interactions with the public within our courthouse is with an outstanding professionalism & demeanor.


  • When he is serving those he's committed to serving, he's delivering the same positive experience to all.


  • When he is surrounded by impatient, emotionally charged people - including judges, lawyers and the parties involved – he has a remarkable ability to quietly deescalate and level the emotions modeling calm and directing everyone’s energy and focus toward solutions.


Zoie Moore - 2023

 Award Recipient


In the endorsements for Zoie we heard the following

  • She never complains.


  • People wait for her to speak because her opinion is so valued.


  • Her work benefits the entire office, not just her division.


  • She seems to have a zest for learning.


  • She is dedicated to serving the public as efficiently and fairly as possible.


  • Clerk Moore is an analytical genius, master negotiator and highly influential when interfacing with members of the bar, judiciary and public.


  • Her work ethic and performance are notable among her peers.


  • Zoie Moore is the right kind of leader for the Clerk’s office. She is fair, responsible, dependable, dedicated, and innovative.

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